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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tammy - domestic diva at work: Vintage Tablescape & Buffetscape

Tammy - domestic diva at work: Vintage Tablescape & Buffetscape

Thrifty Shutter Solution

When we moved to our new home we got pricing on window coverings - shutters specifically. They were way out of our price range, but I love the look. Having been in construction for 10+ years I came up with an inexpensive, do it yourself solution giving me the look I wanted. Total cost for the sliding glass door opening - 80"x80" - $150.00.
This is the final look!

This is the rear living room window where we did the same thing, only we had to cut the doors in half - total cost was $65.00.Two bifold doors & one bifold track. We did not install a track on the floor because of the tripping hazard. Since they are bi-folds we installed 2 flat plates on the backside of the fold (one at the top, one near the bottom) so that the doors would not fold.

If you need more informaton just email me and I will be happy to help!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tammy - domestic diva at work: Vintage Tablescape

Tammy - domestic diva at work: Vintage Tablescape

Vintage Tablescape

The tablescape is made up of an older "no-label" china that I picked up at a thrift store - $6 for the entire set.

The decorative piece inside the apothecary jar with the candle is actually an old biscuit holder for a basket
The silverware is Oneida Tudor - silver plated I found on Craig's List - $20 for the entire set.
The table runner was a great find at $1.99 at another favorite thrist shop.

Vintage Tablescape & Buffetscape

Thought that since I would be turning 49 this week, it would be a good week to do a vintage tablescape - Ha Ha! It came out beautiful, I really love the pieces and the way it came together.
The antigue silver pieces came mostly from sister, Dawn I think they are really cool, and I am really surprised she parted with them.
The silver silverware buffet stacks came from Goodwill $5.99 - they were still in the box.

The silver creamer & matching sugar bowl I picked up at a Salvation Army for .75 each - they were very tarnished but a little Barkeeper's Friend and elbow grease had them shining in no time.