Tablescapes from Thrifty purchases

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrift Puchase 03/10/10

These are my finds for today at The Jericho Thrift Store

These are brass napkin rings with embossed roses - all for for $3.99

A brand new set of 4 Desert Plates - they were still in the sealed box - $4.99
I love that they are all different & full of color.

They are sitting on 4 turqouise placemats - 4 for $2.99.

This thrift store gives out coupons each time you shop there so off the total purchase price I got $3 off - bargain/hunting - my favorite pasttime!


Thought I would share some of my amazing finds at Thrift Stores.

This silver set I purchased from Craig's List for $20.

I purchased these silver pieces from Jericho Ministries Thrift Store for #12.99

This is my absolute favorite set it is brushed silver and just gorgeous - purchased for $15.99 at Jericho Ministries Thrift Store

My Sister and I have figured out that we love the "hunt" for the perfect item at a great price!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tammy - domestic diva at work

Tammy - domestic diva at work
A week til St. Patrick's Day so "green" is so in...

The Chargers are white on clay purchased at thrift store for $1 each; the plates are simple white with green ivy around the edges are Cafe Classico by Nancy Calhoun "Vista Verde" ; the small desert plates are Pier 1 imports "Fall Floral" all purchased at Goodwill for $1.06 ea

the silver candlesticks are actually pewter they were $3 for the pair; the goblets are a light green with white ivy vines 4 for $10; the small dark green glasses are textured and were $1 each.

It was just too pretty and the beads happen to be green!The silver candlestick holder is silver and was $3.06 at the local Goodwill. The apothecary jar has a beautiful beaded sleeve it was $1 from the hospice thrift store.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! Next scape is Spring and I can't wait for the season and the new tablescapes to come.....

Tablescape for tablescape Thursdays

Thought I would share how the tablescape process starts and ends...
Starting with a blank canvas - you can see the staging of the new tablescape on the buffett

and spread out on the kitchen countertop. The process of selecting was done prior to starting the table

Set the centerpiece

and the 1st place setting is in place....