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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Need comments on Idea for "Plate Exchange"

In going through my dishes I had a brain storm (at least that is what I am calling it).  With all the different tablescapes we love to do - we still run out of dishes and or new/fresh ideas.  So, I was thinking what if we had a plate exchange of sorts.  We all probably have some dishes we would like/need to part with but would love to have different ones.  Would love feed back on this, haven't really worked out the details want to see what type of response I get first!  So - leave "some encouraging words" and will take it from there....

24th tablescape - Clear Classic

Placing the table runner across the width as opposed to across the length gave two of the settings a placemat look.
Three huricane lamp candle holders for the centerpiece with just a splash of color from the flowers and ivy around each lamp.

Using a purple napkin wrapped in a white lacy napkin and an imperial silver napkin ring - pulling the purple from the flowers around the center/large hurricane lamp.
Each placesetting has a 10", 8", 6" clear plate and a clear embossed bowl.  The wine classes have clear ecthing.

Placed a few silver pieces on the table, silver butter server, tea service with sugar bowl & creamer.  Silver salt & peper shakers are at the center.

Candles are lite! Ready for dinner..

As always thanks for visiting - please leave some encouraging words so I know you stopped by and can return the visit!  Thanks to Susan at BNOTP for hosting our Tablescape Thursday!  Have a blessed week and remember "Around the world, life is best around the table"!