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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Garden.....

It all begins with a composte pile..

Decided that it was time to start a garden.  We love fresh greens, salads and the makings, have plenty of ground to have a nice garden at the rear of our property.    Garden Goals:  To provide fresh greens, and save money!  Here is the begininngs of the set-up!
 We used my grandmothers old picnic bench that my father had given me in hopes that we could repair it, unfortunately the metal was too far rusted/corroded to be able to reconstruct.  So my husband took it apart and we used the planks to outline our garden.
 Since one of our goals to garden was to save money, we found a source for "free" manure, so we went and picked up a trailer load....
 My husband not only loaded the trailer but he also unloaded it too!
 The white PVC pipe pieces were from our terrace project that we had to cap off some sprinklers.  The black chicken wire/mesh from yet another project! 
 Finished Step 2!

 This piece of slag (washed out concrete) from the construction of our home has been sitting here so long that the little trees have grown into this stone and we can't move
 I painted it and stenciled "Our Garden" on to the surface.....Both the black and white spray paint were leftovers from other project, so we are still at zero dollar start up for the garden....

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