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Thursday, August 26, 2010

33rd Tablescape - Depression Glass Recollection

This is absolutely my favorite tablescape.  This is "recollection depression glass".  For information on the set and the cost see my blog entry "Thrift Purchase - Depression Glass".  Apologizing in advance for all the pictures - given the beautiful detail of the dishes they deserved to be shown off!!!
The finished table it all came together starts below....
Using white fringed placemats and a white lace table runner in trying to keep with the "depression" vintage look.

Here I have set the plate on a charger in order to show the detail of the dishes.
Here is the complete set, dinner plate, desert plate, bowl & goblet.

The tea cup & saucer & a dainty little tea towel.
                                  A lace napkin with a flattened spoon end napkin ring.
The overview again... see to the left is a pedestooled candy dish that matches the set.
                                                    Center is the matching salt & pepper shakers
The far right rear of the table is the creamer and sugar bowl.
                             Candles are lit!  The reflection from the crystal and candles is beautiful.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrift purchase 08/15/10 - Depression Glass

This purchase has to be the best one I have made in a long time.....(of course there will be others I am sure).  This is a set of "Recollection Depression Glass" it is absolutely beautiful.  Clear has always been my favorite and square dishes are so unique so the combination of the two in one set is amazing.

This is a relish plate - I set it on a black charger to show the detail of the raised etching.

The sugar bowl and creamer

Salt & pepper shakers

 Pedestol covered candy dish was still in the box.

 The goblets too were in the box...

The entire set, 32 pcs were $30.00 - I had a $10 off coupon so final cost was $20...which comes out to .62 each piece!
(Note: This is recollection Depression was made by Indiana Glass from molds purchased from Federal Glass in 1982)

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Thrift Purchases - August

Some more great "thrift" finds this month:

This beautiful two piece hurricane lamp - like I need another one - $1.50 - Shephard Center

This cute "Tommy Hilfilger" purse - with the tag still on it...

$21.99 at Ross; was priced $6 in the Thriftique section which was 1/2 off the day I was there - final cost $3.00....

These inspiring desert plates were $1.99 each at Ross - just in time for fall!  2 - say, "Count your blessings one by one"; 2 say "Enjoy the bounty of the Harvest"!

This platter is "Pflatzgraff" which I love but also happens to be the pattern of the set I have been putting together piece by piece from thrift stores.  Cost $6.50 - I have almost collected the entire set....

These two storage jars were a great find.  Since trying to get away from "plastic" these will come in handy - the large round one was $1.99; the square one - $1.00; both from Hospice.

Having always been a "tart" burning fiend, I have 4 electric tart burners that are on constantly.  In making a concious effort to use less and less electricity - I am replacing them with candle burning tart burners.  The white one was $1 from the Shephard Center and the brown one was $1.06 from Goodwill.

and finally this functional large scoop.  My sister, Dawn, has turned me on to grinding wheat for bread, cookies, etc...  So having purchased a large 40 lb container of whole grain wheat we found we needed a large scoop - this will work perfectly - $.75 from the Shephard Center.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

32nd Tablescape - Green/Purple Pflatzgraff

Pflatzgraff - Vienna Floral on green placemats.  Fact is I absolutely love Pflatzgraff; the glaze, the raised scroll; two toned edges - details are always so pretty.
The center piece is a small lace table cloth turned at an angle; a round green placemat.  The flowered topiary was a piece given to me by a woman tha I built a home for back when I was a contractor building homes.  The two crystal candlestick holders were my grandmothers.
Lite the candles.
I used two different chargers 2 - green & 2 purple.  In the picture it is hard to see the color difference.  Usine a lace over plaid napkin and flowered napkin rings to hold them together.
Banana nut muffins - baked in a Pflatzgraff stoneware muffin pan!

The constant is the welcome sign, the first thing you see when you walk in the door.  It is ceramic and compliments all of my tablescapes and says what I want everyone to feel when they walk in.
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17th - Barscape - white on white

Hello everyone!  This week I had a wonderful rainy Saturday just tablescaping..Did this barscape which as you all know (or newbies don't) my husband and I have all our meals at the "breakfast bar" since it is just the two of us.  So this weekend's tablescape is "white on white".  White is not the absence of color because it is a color of it's own.  Starting with the white fringed placemat....
Then a white charger ...
The dinner/desert plates are Pflatzgraff -love the raised edges of this pattern..
The glasses were perfect clear glass with white etched dots...The candelsticks are all white with white candles...
Add the silverware, Wm Rogers Queen Bess (this is our everyday set) and the barscape is ready for dinner....
Dinner is served.
Steamed green beans w/onions
Homemade baked wheat bread - light crust airy center...sugar free - delicious
Mashed potatoes & gravy
Dinner is served
Dinner was delicious.  All serving bowls are Pflatzgraff as well....

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