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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patio Extension - Pavers

We decided that for the holidays and all the company we anticipate having we needed a larger patio.

 The little walkway to the small patio is where we are taking the new patio to...
 This is after we "moved" the yard...
 Here we had added a little bit of sand fill and figured we were going to need a dump truck full of dirt to raise it to where we wanted it
 So the dirt was delivered, 2 cu ft of fill and 2 cu ft of screening - because we are laying pavers
 This is after I spread the fill dirt
 See the pile of fill dirt is now to move all that sand ...ugh!
 Bruno (my puppy) is watching me work... \
 The pile of sand is now gone - I left a wheelbarrow full of sand for filling while we set the pavers
 Looks great and once it is done will offer a lot of room for outdoor living..

To my husband, .....
Hopefully we will have the pavers laid by next weekend and I will add photos of the completed project! 
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Decorating with words....

We have all seen them...vinyl lettering in different sayings - put on walls everywhere in the house....It is finding that perfect one - not the same as everyone else has...

When I first saw this saying over 10 years ago, it became "my saying".  It became the signature closure on my email, and I purchased every little plaque, towel, whatever I could find - it also became the item people gave me for birthday or Christmas...

So when I found it in the vinyl lettering - of course I had to have it..then the bigger decision came - Where should I put it???  There were so many walls to choose from - but I finally decided that I wanted it somewhere everyone that came over would see are the before and after...

 This is the wall you see as soon as you enter the through the front door...BEFORE
 After - right after - hadn't moved the ladder yet..

For anyone thinking of decorating with the vinyl words, it was very easy.  Took me a couple of hours but getting it straight and sticking were important.  I have textured walls, so it was "not" recommended on the instructions, so don't let that detour you.  It came out really well.

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40th - Tablescape - Golden Harvest

The Harvest Season has already been a very busy one!  Was so busy in and around the house last week I totally missed "Tablescape Thursday" even though a new tablescape was the first thing I did Monday morning.  Oh, well - here is my tablescape from Last Week.  Check back - I new one will be posted this week!
Golden Harvest - keeping with the Fall Season - this week I picked a tablerunner and ran with the colors it are the results...

 The table runner I chose had so many different fall colors it was fun and easy to put it all together...
 Using "pumpkin" colored placemats, black square chargers set on the diagnol, and square plates that have the similar color pattern of the table runner.
  Golden/lacy napkins with bronze square napkin rings..

 The desert plates are perfect "Harvest Themed" 2 of each different saying - one in Gold and the Other in Maroon...

 Used these vintage "coca-cola" glasses because of their brown tones...
 Light the candles and we are all set...

The centerpiece was just a black candle on a gold/toned candlestick holder with some deep fall colored leaves...

December 5th our Church is having a "Host your Table" Ladies dinner.  There will be 30 different tablescapes done by 30 different women.  No theme just whatever each lady would like to do.  So, I of course am hosting one table and doing another tablescape as a give-away - at the dinner for a family in need of tableware.  I already have the dinnerware.  Anyone that would like to donate something for a "Christmas Tree" themed tablescape, just email me for my address - it will go to a great cause and for sure a great big thank you will be linked back to you!

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NEXT WEEK - RED & WHITE - Will be using my Johnson & Bros. Old Bradbury.  I got such a deal, 25 piece set for $15.  It has the serving bowl and platter as part of the set.   Stop back by and take a look!

23rd Barscape - Green Ivy

Kept it very simple this week!  Got these great light green, glass chargers at a thrift store this week - 3 for $2.49; love the color and how the color of the placemat comes up through it!  The Ivy dinner plates are "totally table tops" - got those for $1 each at the Goodwill last year!  They are very versatile - used them on a Christmas Tablescape last year!

 The Silverware is "Wm Rogers" - this set is actually our everyday silver this month.  We have 4 sets of silver and I rotate them monthly so they all get used.  The white desert plate and bowl are Homer Laughlin - I love the glaze of this set.
 Used green flowered, embossed glasses and green flower napkin rings around white linen napkins.
Like I said, kept it very simple this weekend.  Good thing, we only ended up having two meals here this weekend - the rest we actually had in the dinning room enjoying the "Golden Harvest" Tablescape!

As always - thanks to Susan at BNOTP for sponsoring Tablescape Thursdays. Remember: "Around the world - - life is best around the table". Thanks for visiting: please leave some encouraging words!