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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

6th Barscape

This weekend I decided to do another barscape - since it is just my husband and myself we usually eat all our meals at the bar. So this weekend this is the setting we used - breakfast, lunch & dinner - it is so nice to have a formal setting to eat at even if it is at the bar.....

The setting is very simple; I used a set of Thomson dishes, the plates are square in shape with sorta scooped edges; the bowls are deep - perfect for our ham & navy bean soup for dinner Saturday.

I pulled out the silver butter server and these little crystal jars with stopper tops, that I filled with salt and pepper.

The napkins I picked up at a thrift store 4 for $1 - loved the flowers on black and they went perfect for contrast with the dishes; used the square silver napkin rings that I won from a giveaway from Jeannette

We were having soup so I only set out these big silver soup spoons for dinner - I found these at Hospice Thrift Store 6 of them for $1 each - we absolutely love them for soup and cereal...

Washed the dishes and reset the barscape after each meal, made it very easy to keep the barscape - the dishes even look pretty in the sink....

Inside the butter server - is a sliced stick of butter - see rest of pics to see how I sliced the butter.....

Take a stick of butter....duh!

Using this "butter slicer" I picked up at thrift store about 10 years ago - you just line it up

and push it through....

and you have sliced butter. I don't know if they even make these anymore - since a lot of people use margarine. We only use real butter, bought in sitcks and we use the "covered" butter server - leaving the butter out on the counter so it is always soft/spreadable - yes you can leave butter out of the fridge.....

Well, there you have my barscape and an easy way to serve sliced butter...Thanks again to my sister Dawn for all her "blog-tutoring" the big pics and the linking- I would be lost in "a blog" without her help. Thank you Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursday. Leave "Some encouraging words" so I know you visited and can stop by and visit you! Til next week.......


  1. Love the barscape and the butter tutorial. Now I want a silver butter dish and one of those cutter thingys! (something to look for!) Those napkins are really pretty too! You better visit me! ~Nana~ (your personal webmaster)

  2. What a great butter slicer! This is a wonderful barscape!

  3. Nice tablescape. The stemware and the silver makes it very festive. Love the butter tutorial.
    Greetings, Johanna

  4. Oh, those dishes are very cool -- sorta retro-modern, if that's a word! I like the combination of casual china and napkins with formal linens and silver and glassware -- very appealing! Thank you for commenting on my table!

  5. My Mom had one of those butter cutters and I haven't seen one since.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries

  6. Great barscape...I remember those butter slicers, wonder what ever happened to the one I used to have.

  7. My favorites are the placemats - very pretty and I also love your silver. Very nice barscape, thanks for sharing.

  8. Oooh! LOVE your place settings ... but with the empty-nest faze quickly approaching us, I have to ask you: Isn't it hard to prepare the meals just for 2? What do you make? Do you always have left overs?
    Love reading your blog!
    PS - thank you SO MUCH for your sweet comments, your thoughts, and especially your prayers.