Tablescapes from Thrifty purchases

Sunday, August 15, 2010

31st Tablescape - 30th tablescape w/additions

Since I absolutely love the tablescape from last week and was able to find some additional serving this pieces this week from the thrift store - I figured I would post the same tablescape with the additional pieces...
Cente of table before....
Center of table after.... Center candle w/pillar - $1.50 and smaller candlesticks on each side - w/out candles - $.50 each - all fom Hospice...
Found the creamer at PAW's Thrift Store - $.25 - Pflatzgraff! Found the sugar bowl at Goodwill for $2.06 - considered myself very lucky to find the two pieces at such great prices and the same day!

Two serving bowls, both Pflatzgraff - one was $.25 at PAW's and the other from Hospice $.79.  All in all a very successful day of thifting and adding pieces to my Pflatzgraff set.

As always - thanks to Susan at BNOTP for sponsoring Tablescape Thursdays. Remember: "Around the world - - life is best around the table". Thanks for visiting; please leave some encouraging words!


  1. Great gets! It is such fun to watch our designs evolve as we find new and wonderful things to add to the table. Thank you for sharing your charming tablescape. Cherry Kay

  2. very nice, I love thrift shopping too. It's funny how you can get a whole different look just by changing out a couple of things.

  3. Isn't it fun to change just a few items and have it feel like a whole new tablescape? Glad you found some new elements to complement yours!

  4. Fancy and schmancy. Just love it. Looks terrific.

  5. Wow you are quite the "finder" of good things. I love the additions. thanks for showing us how to make a small change for big impact.

  6. Your white dishes are lovely, I like the shape of the bowls especially. The pop of green looks nice with them. The lace tea square tablecloth is very pretty. The creamer and sugar bowl are fantastic finds!