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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thrift Purchases - August

Some more great "thrift" finds this month:

This beautiful two piece hurricane lamp - like I need another one - $1.50 - Shephard Center

This cute "Tommy Hilfilger" purse - with the tag still on it...

$21.99 at Ross; was priced $6 in the Thriftique section which was 1/2 off the day I was there - final cost $3.00....

These inspiring desert plates were $1.99 each at Ross - just in time for fall!  2 - say, "Count your blessings one by one"; 2 say "Enjoy the bounty of the Harvest"!

This platter is "Pflatzgraff" which I love but also happens to be the pattern of the set I have been putting together piece by piece from thrift stores.  Cost $6.50 - I have almost collected the entire set....

These two storage jars were a great find.  Since trying to get away from "plastic" these will come in handy - the large round one was $1.99; the square one - $1.00; both from Hospice.

Having always been a "tart" burning fiend, I have 4 electric tart burners that are on constantly.  In making a concious effort to use less and less electricity - I am replacing them with candle burning tart burners.  The white one was $1 from the Shephard Center and the brown one was $1.06 from Goodwill.

and finally this functional large scoop.  My sister, Dawn, has turned me on to grinding wheat for bread, cookies, etc...  So having purchased a large 40 lb container of whole grain wheat we found we needed a large scoop - this will work perfectly - $.75 from the Shephard Center.

 Thank you, Leigh for hosting "Thrifty Thusday's".  Thanks for visiting; please leave some encouraging words! 

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