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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Decorating the Laundry Room - Finally!

For this week's "metamorphosis" I have just edited a previous entry on the decorating of our laundry room! Over the weekend we found the perfect additon to finish the decorating of the laundry room - a chandelier.  So here are pics of the final touch to our "formal laundry room" (that is what my husband is calling it).

We found the fixture at a flea market "the light lady" vendor - had over a thousand different types, styles & colors to choose from.
The area we had to work with would only allow a 15" x 15" light fixture so we were limited with the size.
The reflections of the light is so awesome!  Chose the fixture with the blue crystals to pull that color from the wallpaper border.
This is an elegant touch for our little laundry room - I absolutely love it....

We have been in our house for a year and a half and I had an image of what I wanted to do with the laundry room since our move.  Wanted to have an old fashioned clothesline border or mural on one of the walls.  Priced the wallpaper border at several different places but what I liked was way more money then I wanted to spend.  So with patience and being a frequent visitor at thrift stores - I finally was able to purchase the border wallpaper that I wanted in the colors that I wanted for a whopping $.70 for 15 feet - which is a little more than I needed.  Here are the before pics......

My husband moved the washer; dryer for me so I could paint behind them...
and now after painting.....

and now the wallpaper border installed...

wanted to show off the corner and how well I matched it up.  Was soo proud of myself for my first time hanging wallpaper....
To complete the laundry room I needed to decorate the top of the cabinets because it always seemed unfinished with no crown molding and just empty space.  So I took some of my more treasured items and placed them up there to finish it off... are pics after the washer and dryer were moved back...

Well I am so delighted with the final product. I will enjoy this room even more

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  1. Love the wall paper design, just perfect! Very pretty!

  2. That border is so cute!! And what a deal. Great job with everything.

  3. Adorable ! Must make laundry chores much more pleasant !!!!

    thanks for sharing,


  4. Where did you find that border? It is exactly what I'm looking for. Would you mind emailing me @ with the location of your purchase? Thanks so much!!!!! Love the room!


  5. could you please send me the place where you found the border at I tried another email address of mine and it wouldn't take it. Hope you get this one.