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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dog Bowl-scape - FUN!

Sounds pretty silly to do a "Dog Bowl-scape", but I was never really happy with the look of my dog food/water area.  This area is in the laundry room just in front of our laundry tub.  It is a main path to and from the garage, and we have given it the name "Formal Laundry Room" since we hung a chandelier in there - this menagier of bowls just didn't fit in...
 We have three dogs and recently rescued/re-homed a dog for an elderly lady that could no longer take care of him - that fourth bowl - put me over the edge!!!  So I took a trip to one of my favorite thrift stores to hunt for new bowls to change the overall look and accomadate the additional bowl of dog food!

 So here is the new-much improved - Dog Bowl-scape!!!
 I absolutely love this "asparagus" adorned bowl.  Not only is it beautiful - Green ceramic - but it is big enough to hold enough water for all four of them....
 Scooby (our four year old hound dog and our largest one) had to come and check out the change!
All the bowls are ceramic, all were purchased at Goodwill:  The large green bowl was $3.06 and all the other ones were $1.06.  Total cost for this change $7.42 - so worth it....
 A closer look of the bowls....

Please let me know what you think......

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  1. Now you must hang a chandelier under the washtub so the dogs feel right at home!!

    On to the birdcage-scape!!!


  2. My love gals are very impressed. Two paws up!

  3. What a cute idea!!! Dogs are like members of the family, so why not create a 'scape for them, too!? It's nice to see you care for animals so much!