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Monday, January 16, 2012

87th - Tablescape - Snowmen

Got a little behind again with posting my tablescapes.  Have got to get back into gear!  This tablescape was for New Year's - still winter - although it doesn't feel like it here in Florida!  Snowmen are a great mascot for the new year - they weren't there last winter, they are made with the fresh fallen snow, white and each original....
This is the snowman flag we fly outside....

Now this is the new addition to our family of snowmen.   Being a big fan of the "Chef's", my husband carved (yes - hand carved) this snowman chef for me for Christmas!

Being partial to the blue & white snowmen - I think partially because christmas is red - the blue and white snowmen seem to keep their own theme...

I picked up these plates at TJ Max a few years ago, they are Casa Bella and I paid $4 each for them. 

The snow flake glasses and snowmen mugs are from the Dollar Tree - several years ago - for of course $1 each!

As you go through stores after christmas or thrift stores before christmas you can always find great buys on snowmen, candles or stuffed they are always different!

The candle holders are Publix snowmen....

One of my favorite snowmen is this one riding a motorcycle, you push a button and the engine reeves, and he sings "I'm just a snow machine....."How cute is that???

This is a carved snow angel.

This snowman candle was too cute not to include - even though he is red/white!

Along with the snowman tablescape - the guest bathroom got invaded with snowmen as well - gotta spread the snow.......

From our house to yours ---- table to table - Happy New Year!

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  1. I love your snowman. And yes snow is here and winter just kick in. ^-^

    Thursday Tablescape

  2. You have quite the snowman collection! I especially love the photo of your place setting -- the napkin is just perfect for those plates! I also love the table shown in your blog's header -- wonderful colors!

  3. Happy New Year to you, too! I understand about getting behind on posts. Time and life just don't seem to match up sometimes! Cool snowman collection with lots of variation. And your husband contributed to the population...that's really nice! I would love to see the chefs! That is a lot of detail work, I'm sure!!! What a wonderful skill to have!