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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Patio Extension - Pavers

We decided that for the holidays and all the company we anticipate having we needed a larger patio.

 The little walkway to the small patio is where we are taking the new patio to...
 This is after we "moved" the yard...
 Here we had added a little bit of sand fill and figured we were going to need a dump truck full of dirt to raise it to where we wanted it
 So the dirt was delivered, 2 cu ft of fill and 2 cu ft of screening - because we are laying pavers
 This is after I spread the fill dirt
 See the pile of fill dirt is now to move all that sand ...ugh!
 Bruno (my puppy) is watching me work... \
 The pile of sand is now gone - I left a wheelbarrow full of sand for filling while we set the pavers
 Looks great and once it is done will offer a lot of room for outdoor living..

To my husband, .....
Hopefully we will have the pavers laid by next weekend and I will add photos of the completed project! 
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